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Course Prerequisites

i) English Fluency

Our classes are taught in English, and students should be fluent in spoken English before registering for a course. For a student’s own safety out on the water, and enjoyment of the course — as well as other students’ safety — it is important to be able to understand our instructors. 

We would love to be able to offer courses in multiple languages, but due to limited resources, we are currently able to teach in English.

ii) Swimming Ability

Students should be able to swim 90 metres, and be generally comfortable in and around the water. Our CanSail 1&2 course involves learning how to recover from a capsize, so students will be in the water at least once during the course. Capsizes can also happen at other times. While students will always have PFDs on, they should still be able to swim.

ii) CanSail Qualifications

For any course where previous courses are required, students will be asked during the course registration process to provide details about the qualification, including the name of the club where the certificate was granted.

We have sometimes found that certificates granted elsewhere are not equivalent to the content of our courses. If we have concerns about whether a student may be ready for our CanSail 3 or 4 courses, we’ll reach out to discuss testing or other course options. 

Students must also be full club members before registering for a course or clinic. You can register for club membership here.

CanSail 1&2: No previous sailing courses or experience are needed

CanSail 3: CanSail 1&2 or a successful Old Salt Test Level 1

CanSail 4: CanSail 3 or a successful Old Salt Test Level 2

Laser Clinics: CanSail 1&2 or a successful Laser Old Salt test

Catamaran Clinics: CanSail 3

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