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Student 1&2 Textbook and sailing aids

There is endless printed and online material designed to explain sailing concepts and practice. To facilitate your learning, we suggest the following three that are particularly suited to your learning journey starting at JTown on an albacore.

First, the CANSail 1&2 course has a dedicated textbook. The textbook is available at the club for consultation. You can also order it on the Ontario Sailing website. The textbook purchase is optional but we recommend acquiring it to facilitate the acquisition of the significant theoretical knowledge associated with learning to sail.

Second, we have designed a JTown orientation to rigging document. The purpose of the document is to provide instructions to rigging in non-technical terms, that a new sailor can more easily understand. Some copies may be available at the club.

Also, our awesome neighbors at Mooredale Sailing Club have designed a great CANSail 1&2 manual with plenty of information about basic things that you need to know.

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