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For some members, racing is the heart of J-Town.

Racing is a great way to improve your sailing skills and get to know more racers, at both J-Town and the surrounding clubs.  

Once you have completed CANSail 1 & 2 or equivalent, consider attending Race Training/Skills Building on Monday evenings and crewing in our Friday nights race series. Or if you have raced before, come on out!

We're very lucky that the Toronto Inner and Outer Harbours are home to a diverse group of dinghy sailors, including some very competitive Albacore, Nacra, and Laser fleets. We've also been known to travel en masse to race against fleets in other lakes and even countries. Many J-Town members regularly place strongly at national and international competitions.

Race Series

Friday Night Racing

The Friday Night Racing Series pairs helm and crew by lottery. Forty to sixty community club Albacores duke it out on the race course from May until September. This is the longest standing, and largest, one-design series in North America!

J-Town has been the proud winner of the Spanish Donkey Award for the most points in a season many times. All J-Town members are eligible to compete. Sign up to race in an Albacore (crew or helm) or in a Laser.

For more information on participating in the Friday Night Series, please contact race@sailtoronto.com.

Harbour Master Racing

Harbour Master races take place Sunday afternoons from May through September, usually every other weekend.

This series of 16 races is held on the Inner or Outer Harbour. Helm and crew pair themselves in advance of the races.

Fun Races

Fun Races take place over the weekend. They are intended for beginning or occasional sailors. They operate under simplified racing rules and are meant to be more relaxed and recreational than competitive..

This series is held on the Outer Harbour. Helm and crew pair themselves in advance of the races or are paired on the day of the race.

Water Rats Summer Series

Our neighbours at Water Rats has the largest active Laser fleet in Canada and holds weekly races that we are invited to participate in! J-Town has 7 Laser One sailboats that are class-legal and qualify for entry into Water Rats' race series.

J-Town Regattas

J-Town hosts several regattas and racing events throughout the year. The racing is competitive and fun. The parties are even more fun. Come out and join in on the action.

Good Friends Laser Regatta

J-Town's annual Laser regatta. 1 day of racing featuring 6 or 7 races in the Outer Harbour.

J-Town Women's Regatta

Our annual albacore Women's Regatta.

J-Town Regatta

J-Town's open albacore regatta features competitive racing on the lake with separate A (advanced) and B (beginner) fleets.

Klinger's Around the Island Race & AGM

Leisure race during the day. We race all around Toronto Island, weather permitting! Snacks, dinner, and awards commence around 4:30. J-Town's Annual General Meeting follows the awards ceremony.

Skills BuiLding and Race Clinics

Skill-Building Sessions

Sailing well in a large fleet of competitive dinghy sailors can be a lifelong challenge. J-Towners know the importance of building our fleet through shared knowledge.

Every Monday night, we run training sessions. We practice drills and run mini-races, pairing the less experienced with those more skilled. Check the calendar and your weekly email newsletter for specific dates and more information.

Racing Clinics

All members interested in racing are encouraged to learn new tricks at CAA hosted clinics, held once or twice a year. J-Town holds Laser and Catamaran clinics on a regular basis throughout the summer and local Laser and Catamaran clubs also contribute to the knowledge bank, with informal training sessions.

We don't call ourselves community clubs for nothing!